a film by damien stafford

This Film grew out respect for the amazing work of Debi Faris.  Debi gives dignity and love to babies that have been found along L.A. roadways and trash cans.  She founded the Garden of Angels and helped pass the Safe surrender Law here in California.  The Garden of Angels celebrates the babies lives and gives them a place to honor their memories.

In the Garden there are many untold stories, their voices are silent .  Debi has graciously given me her Life Rights, and through this Short Film I plan to give the Silent a voice.



This has to be one of the most incredibly disturbing subjects anyone could be involved in . Mothers killing their babies, what kind of person does this ? What kind of person would care enough about a strangers discarded baby ? This subject I will talk visually about in an honest and truthful light . The people who perpetrate this horrific crime will remain faceless, they could be a neighbor or a friend . This film has two aims firstly to bring an awareness to the amazing work of Debi Faris and her selfless desire to show love to a baby that has never felt a caring touch or a kind word. More importantly to focus on the humane choice of using the Safe Surrender law,  which Debi’s tireless efforts have made possible saving hundreds of lives .